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How to Bake

Baking Instructions


What to do if they sink……or melt….

It happens if oven has not reached the correct temperature…..

Make sure oven is UP TO TEMPERATURE before popping BOLITAS™ in.

Any other problems we suggest cooking in a non-stick 12 hole muffin tray, specially the filled Bolitas™

How and When to Enjoy Bolitas™!

As an After School Snack Half and hour before collecting your children from school, pop some BOLITAS™ in the oven and then simply serve them in a bowl or a paper bag and let your kids enjoy a delicious, different snack.

At Dinner Parties, Birthday Parties, Coffee Mornings or any other occasion Put the BOLITAS™ in the oven half an hour before guests arrive, then serve them warm as starters, nibbles or appetizers – BOLITAS™ will always be welcomed.

Simply enjoy the difference.