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Your GLUTEN WHEAT & YEAST free delicious snack

The NEW tasty snack from Brazil, Made with natural ingredients.

Free from gluten, wheat, yeast and no added sugar.


Originally from the State of Minas Gerais – Brazil, Bolitas™  are the most popular Brazilian snack.

They are cheese dough balls made with cassava flour and cheddar cheese.  Oven baked from frozen, they are best eaten warm  as after school munchies, anytime snack, nibbles or as appetizers before lunch or dinner parties.

Bolitas™ go well with wine or juice, are divine with beer, and are fantastic with  coffee which brings out the unique taste and flavour.  

In Brazil they are served warm from heated display cabinets in coffee shops and snack bars.

However you try it, one thing is for sure, you will never have just one …. That is a warning!

They are seriously addictive!!


Visit one of our stockists or one of many Food events we are participating or BUY ONLINE

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